About Andrew Brackenbury Photography

Thanks for visiting. I'm a commercial and editorial photographer and I love to tell stories about people, businesses and events through my photography. Whether it's a corporate portrait of a busy CEO; a series of staff portraits that convey your brand's messages in a clear and consistent way; high-impact event photography at a conference, awards ceremony, party or dinner, an editorial commission or a one-off PR or marketing opportunity, I approach each shoot with an eye for a strong image and a compelling story, and always aspire to the highest levels of technical excellence.

I'm equally comfortable working on location or in the studio; if you need a studio-style portrait session or publicity shoot on your premises I am more than happy to set this up. 

For over a decade I've worked with many high-profile organisations in London and I'm now based within easy reach of some of England's busiest commercial centres, including Peterborough, Leicester, Cambridge, Notttingham and Northampton. 

Clients worked for include:

ARLA - Arts Council England - BAFTA - GFK Bridgehead - Biss Lancaster - BSI (British Standards) - East of England Showground - Empire Magazine - The Football Association - Geographical Magazine - Ketchum Pleon - Kennedys - Lane, Clark and Peacock - London Newcastle - The National Gallery - National Drink Distributors - Pruprotect - Saffrey Champness - The Samaritans - Timebank - Time Out Magazine - Westrade Group

My Service

Photography is essentially about capturing fleeting moments, yet the best results are only achieved through careful preparation and effective post production. Before your shoot I will discuss the brief in detail and on the day itself I will allow plenty of time to set up at the location.


Good preparation lies at the heart of any effective shoot – this is particularly the case when dealing with people. Whether it's your clients, your staff or directors that I am photographing, before shoot I'll make sure I have a clear idea of your requirements and iron out any logistical and technical issues well before the first image is taken. This way my entire focus during the actual shoot is on framing the image and building a rapport with the person or people on the other side of the lens. 

This relationship between photographer and photographed is often the key; being able to get on with almost anyone, even when under considerable pressure is a vital part of the job, and with experience I have developed different techniques that suit different personalities and situations, finding ways to bring people out of themselves or to allow the camera to see something of their real personality.

However some jobs, for example when photographing a conference or corporate event, require a completely different, low-key approach, and by using the most up-to-date cameras and fast professional lenses I am able to capture high-quality images while having as little impact as possible on the event itself.


After the shoot I take great care to ensure my post-production techniques meet the highest standards - you will end up with a set of images tailored to your needs, that will get the best results whether it's for print or online publishing, for a poster-sized advert or a by-line portrait in a trade-press magazine.  

Thanks again for taking the time to visit my website and have a look at my work. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or would like to have a brief, informal chat about your photographic needs.